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Sunday evening


Usual sunday. Nothing much happened in the morning. Afternoon came – ate, had a nap, was on msn, got a little bit of work done. A few harsh words here and there. Mood was spoilt. But then came the music.

On Sundays we have this little music session. Nothing extraordinary. We’re aiming at having this nice little band where we plays lots of different types of music from beginning to end without any mistake. And yeah, we ARE getting there.

So we got together, yet again this Sunday.

Me on violin
Brother no. 2 on piano
Cousin no. 2 on guitar/vocals
Cousin no. 1 – our female voice

Cousin no. 4 didn’t come today. He was busy. Otherwise he would be playing the flute or recorder for us. He sings too. Harmonizes.

We’ve been playing music all our life, but never really played together “seriously”. We used to have little sessions, but never thought of it as a long-term project. And now, we regret not having done this more seriously earlier, but better late than never eh?

So we played – easy ones, hard ones, not-so-fast ones, slow ones etc. There was Heal the World, Unchained Melody, Sound of Silence, I have a dream, Angels, Thank you for Loving me……

Stopped for a little break. Brother no. 1 decided to entertain us a bit of jazz.

Then dad joins us with his accordion. Mom comes in singing. So we do some Sinhala songs – you know those familiar tunes like Mee Amba Wanaye, Kadalle Athiwu Kirilli, Master Sir, Rangahala, Olu Pipila and the lot. Oh, brother no. 2  played the violion for us there.

Stopped at around 9.30. Was starving.

Wanted to play Ambili mame too. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, I hear them playing Paino Man. Nice song. It’s got a lovely bit for the Harmonica, which I’ve got to play on the violin. I’m told I need to practice more. Will do for next time coz these music sessions do keep me happy.



  1. Chavie says:

    wow! jamming sure sounds like fun man! wish I could play something! 🙂

    you should do a recording and upload for us sometime! 😉

  2. black says:

    that sounds like pretty awesome way to spend a sunday evening, actually 😀

  3. The Womanist says:

    @Chavie: Ah, maybe later 😛
    @Black: It is… 😀

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