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No clues for us


Errors in exam papers and all that reminded me of this –

I did econ for A/Ls. Didn’t understand much of it, so went to this master for tuition. That dear ol’ man was really nice. He told us not to worry, he will teach us well, la la, and above all will give us a paper closer to the exam with questions that are “most likely” to come up at the real exam. He even showed us past mock papers he had done and compared them with the real exam paper. Cool. Questions were almost similar. Just a few words different here and there. Oh, and my older friends who had also studied under him confirmed this. Not to worry, they all said.

We were more than impressed now. The thing is.. you see.. he was good friends with Mr. X – the guy who set the A/L econ paper at that time (which was not too long ago really).

Time went on. We studied hard.

Two months before our A/Ls, our tuition master comes and says (much to our utter shock) that Mr. X has passed away.


So no mock paper with possible questions. But seriously, this guy was really good. I learnt a lot about econ. And… oh, he did give a mock paper, but none of those questions came up at the exam like in the previous times. It was actually a totally different paper. Weirder questions. New guy = new paper, I guess.

Anyway, I never ever came across any huge blunders in exam papers when I was at school. Or maybe there were and we didn’t spot? Can’t be. We were equally brilliant. The so-called responsible buggers are just dancing around. Maybe have an exam for them?



  1. Chavie says:

    I guess there were a few minor errors here and there over the years, but now it’s basically all out blunder-time! 😀 I guess all the political appointments are finally taking their toll… 😐

  2. Foxhound says:

    I don’t get it…

    They changed the paper format cos the paper setter died and a new guy replaced him. You still passed because the tuition master was good. That’s clear.

    The last para means…? 🙂

  3. The Womanist says:

    @Chavie – yaa.. guess soo

    @Foxhound – aiyoo, I’m not clear ne. No no, the new guy set a little different paper…as in.. the format of the paper was a little different than in the past. Well, the last para’s just a little concluding para 😀

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