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He never told us he loved us, but he did. And we did too.


He never told us “I love you”. That’s coz he couldn’t talk. But he did love us all. And he never failed to show that.

Now, he’s gone… and we miss him much…

He came to live with us in Feb 2000. He was quite small then, but so cute and fluffy. Couldn’t even walk properly.

I remember the first few days he spent with us. He was very scared of water. Hid behind a door when he knew we were going to bathe him. That evening, we took him with us to our cousin’s place to her birthday party. He ran, ran, ran with all the other kids behind him. They loved him, he loved them too. He was panting at the end, but never stopped running. And us…well, we never stopped hugging him.

Little did we know that he’ll grow up to be quite intelligent. One mention of the word ‘nanna’ (bathe), he would run for his life and sit so still that we wouldn’t be able to drag him away that easily. And when we did carry him, he’ll somehow escape, sit on the couch and refuse to move. Oh, the sneaky thing.

“Eat” was perhaps his most favourite word. Ever present at the dinner table, ever present around food for that matter…for visitors, well it was a little nuisance, but they all loved him (or so we hope).

When we fought, he’ll jump to the middle as if to sort things out.

When we packed our bags to go on little vacations, he’ll either sit inside the bag and not move, or put on the most saddest face that you feel actually guilty for leaving him behind and might consider cancelling the booking.

He never slept on his pillow. He wanted the couch. He wanted our beds. So we had to clean it.. but what to do.

In the mornings, he would come to greet us…jump on to the bed, say ‘good morning’ with his eyes.

He knew to say “How do you do”. Yes, he gave his hand. But…strange thing… while giving his hand, he would look the other way….awwww

He loved nibbling at my hairbands, our socks, our shoes….

He’ll sing with us, he’ll sit beside the piano, he’ll sit on the chair with us, he’ll sit on the floor listening to our conversations…very much part of everything that went on in our house.

But above all, he would be there at the door to greet us with a smile as we returned home from work, from a party or from anywhere for that matter… He’ll walk towards us…stretch and wag his tail like mad and we would pet him.

For the past month, he was sick… his kidney’s were packed, the vet said. He ate very little. He was very weak. The last two days he couldn’t even move. But, he still got up to greet us as we came home. He came upstairs to check on us. My brother turned a chair into a stretcher, to carry him down when he couldn’t walk. My mother fed him as she would do to us.

On Saturday night…he left us.

When I came home this evening after meeting a few friends, I knew he woudln’t be there by the gate. But I didn’t realize how much I miss snoopy sitting by the gate, running to us, wagging his tail like mad, smiling in his own quiet way.

When I passed my room a while ago, I saw something brownish on it. I was about to say..”snoopy, get off the bed”… Then I realized that was just my blanket.

We wont hear him bark anymore. We wont get to pet him anymore.

He’s gone, buried under a tree in our garden. But, he’s not gone from our hearts.

To you…snoopy!



  1. Black Rose says:

    Oh darling. This is just heartbreakingly beautiful. Snoopy, you’ll be missed. Rest In Peace sweetheart.

  2. oh maaan, i had no idea 😦 RIP Snoopy, and hugs to you

  3. Chavie says:

    so sorry to hear about you loss! 😦
    may he rest in peace!

  4. The Womanist says:

    Thank uuu 😦

  5. ladyjustice says:

    i know what it feels like to lose a dog you love…and it’s worse when u see them suffer and u cant do anything about it…i’v never known a tym that i ddnt hv a dog in my life and i’v had the privilege of knowing 6…the one i have now is Orion…he’s the most adoralbe creature on the planet and he’s getting old(9yrs now) and i’m dreading the years to come wen he will eventually get old and sick…i keep praying my lady to give him a peaceful death…and i hope she hears me…the previous 2 i’v had, have suffered in thr final moments…i wonder why my lady does this to those who are helpless…

    i’m so sorry for ur loss…i feel ur pain…

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