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A winner for the mothers


From bn known to unknown and now back again to bn known. But this time we know her as the mother who won.

I first knew Clijsters as Lleyton Hewitt’s girlfriend. That was the time I was all for Hewitt. Then she became number 1. She won the US open. I really can’t remember what happened first. I remember her cutting a nice cake with a big No. 1 on it.

Then she was injured (?) and off she went to start a family – the more serious things in life, perhaps.

Now she’s back. And she’s back with a bang. The first unseeded woman to ever win the US open and the first mother since 1980 to win  a Grand slam. Oh, she beat the much feared Williams’ sisters on her way to victory.

One heck of a mother there I must say.

And what more is this. She and fellow Belgian, Justine Henin are so simple. No frilly tennis kits. No screeching at the top of their lungs.

If Clijsters showed one thing, among others, it is this – you can still raise a family, get back to what you were doing and still be on top. Mothers can win, they can’t be beaten.

Here’s to more.

p.s – Henin, please come back?



  1. Foxhound says:

    Oh yeah right… someone isn’t in to tennis! 😉

    I also only knew Clisters as being Heywitt’s girlfriend because quite frankly she never won anything in those days.

    About screeching… it varies from person to person but generally only big power hitters do it. Nadal also makes noises… so there!

    Damn I need to watch some Tennis somehow!

  2. The Womanist says:

    I am into tennis ok 😛 Clijsters won the US open once.. i can’t remember when and then she was No. 1 too.. but that’s about the only Grand Slam title she won. Ya Nadal screeches.. but that’s sexy ok.. not like Sharapova’s high pitched screech. Yes, watch tennis.. it’s very very interesting. Watch the finals tonight

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