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The story of Kara and Eedrique


I came up with this story about a year ago – was actually telling it to a really close friend of mine when he was sick…just to cheer him up. It was just one of those weird story ideas that came out of nowhere and seemed to go nowhere. I came across it again recently, but am too lazy to do anything with it. But anyway, here’s the story of Kara and Eedrique.

Tweedledom looked beautiful at night. The glittering pixie lights, forming little figures, were so pretty.

But, this was not the only beautiful thing about Tweedledom in the night.

Chax was asleep. Night was the only time Chax slept and it was rumoured that not even the sound of a gong would wake him up at that time. And when Chax slept, Tweedledom was bright, brighter than all those stars in the sky, it’s horrors buried under the light, beneath the valleys and beneath that sheet spread across Chax, the tyrant.

And while the pixies slept, Kara was up, waiting for Eedrique.

Last night was fine, it all went as planned. No one saw them, no one heard them. Being alive today is testimony of that.

This was a grave crime they’ve committed, though Kara. The penalty for such a crime –loving your enemy – is of course banishment.

Kara remembered the words of Lady Azzek as she eagerly looked out the window for her forbidden love. “From this day forth no Pixie member is allowed to speak, greet or mate with a Mermaid member. If found guilty of such a crime, you will be sent to Moloch’s gallows to be tortured till your bum turns blue”. And Moloch was worse than lady Azzek. He was the Devil, feared by all, Azzek’s offspring, the horrible Chax.

A thin whistle…

“Eedrique”, Kara almost shouted.

With a quick peck on her sleeping mother’s cheek, Kara walked out as quietly as she could to meet her beloved.

“Oh Eedrique, how I missed you”, Kara whispered in his ears as he struggled against the black polethene wrapped around him, his protective shield.

“Come”, said Kara.

Quietly, the two lovers made their way to The Sinister, the ghost-like cave, the home to many secret lovers, all of whom have perished before them for loving and making love to their enemies…


Some years ago (the poem of Tweedledom)

Deep in the Atlantic, carved on to the outer walls of the Palace of Tweedledom is this song which recounts the joys and sorrows of a once so peaceful nation and serves as the basis of law for the drafters.

“It’s only wise to take a look at it, before we proceed”, mutters the gatekeeper, a freckled goblin-looking creature, like a broken record every 15 minutes to passers-by.

“READ”, he would repeat two seconds later with a little more force, glaring at those who seem not to hear.

The poem of Tweedledom:

Years ago in Tweedledom,
The golden fairy kingdom,
Lived the kind and mighty king,
The brave and clever Durin,

Also in Tweedledom land,
In the ocean, on the sand,
There lived the beautiful mermaids,
All in peace, they spent their days,

The fairies, the mermaids,
Differing in their values and race,
Lived in joy, dancing merry,
With each other, sharing berries,

For years they’ve not known pain,
Not after they beat Gary, the lion, the famed,
His skills, nothing, compared to great Alexandre’s sword,
The mermaid king, the man most bold,

Ten years they fought the Titan wars,
The fairies, the mermaids on one side of the wall,
But, Alexandre was badly hit by the cubs, oh so sad,
And two days after the wars, he went mad,

But, they heard his voice,
Above the roars of the rejoicing boys,
He screamed, “Never let the peace die
In this land I’ve built all my life”,

When Alexandre died, Durin was named the king of all,
A year after the Titan wars, the next fall,
Durin, carving Alexandre’s name, built a monument,
The pride and joy of his government,

Durin loved Alexandre so,
For his life to him he owed,
Alexandre’s son, Cassie, Durin appointed him,
The co-chair giving him the golden ring,

But this annoyed Chax, Durin’s own son,
The notorious druggy who brought his gun,
Pointing at Durin, he yelled out loud,
“You disgust me, you haggard old cow”,

And with that he shot his father dead,
For having favoured another son whom he never fed,
Then he told the men Cassie killed Durin the great,
In a second deciding Cassie’s fate,

Poor Cassie was sent to Moloch’s gallows,
In the deep end of the ocean, not so shallow,
They say he still cries in the night, and it’s not fun,
To see red marks slashed across his bum,

The mermaids were roused,
And on Chax they pounced,
With guns and spades,
His palace they raid,

But, to their utter horror,
The wicked Azzek, Chax’s mother,
Released her deadly weapon,
The manicure set and bloodied lemon,

The mermaids, chopped and killed in their numbers,
Their brave men, forever sent into slumbers,
From then on, more battles roamed,
The streets were not safe, more widows moaned,

For months, the fairies and mermaids,
Fought each other, never again to be friends,
When all was over, Azzek came to rule the land,
She pronounced, “The battle’s over, we are glad”,

Tweedledom was now a divided place,
Where fairies and mermaids knew only fear and pain,
No longer friends, but enemies forever,
Forbidden to speak or to love one another.

And once the visitors finished reading, the gates opened themselves. Or so it seemed.

No one who passed through those gates had ever seen the gatemen. But they say, some dark-skinned creatures operate the wooden gates. According to legend, seeing these dark characters upon arrival would be a disgrace, almost scandalous. They belonged to the unwanted class, deemed so by their appearance and forefathers who apparently were so dimwitted that they couldn’t even put two and two together.

The drafters, the wise men, had no choice but to hide them, forever, in the dark corners of the sea. Yet, they couldn’t replace the gatemen with anyone else. This was the job of the lowest ranks. So they stayed…away from the public gaze.

The gates led to a golden statue of Fairy Queen. The fairy, it was said, depicted the might and wonders of Tweedledom, while the box-like thing lying at the fairy’s feet was the most ‘precious’ lemon which Azzek used to ‘defeat’ the mermaids….



  1. Chavie says:

    more More MORE!!! 😀

    also, the secret cave sounds like the one in Omashu in Avatar! 🙂

  2. The Womanist says:


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