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Harry Potter 6 movie


It was alright, I thought. I found it quite funny, apart from the end, of course.

But I prefer the book and as always, some bits from the book were missing, which makes it a little weird. I guess it’s okay for those who don’t fancy the books much. I just went, ‘Hey, that’s not how that’s supposed to happen’ here and there.

The kids have all grown. Malfoy is very Malfoy-i. He’s somewhat taller. The romance was funny.  It was also very human. Love portion don’t work always.

The end was sad.  There are some thing that even magic can’t solve!



  1. Chavie says:

    hmmm, should download a copy of this… one of my friends said that it was the ok-est Potter movie he’d seen in a long time… I guess no movie can really be satisfactory, since once you read the book, you have your own vision of how everything happens and stuff… 🙂

  2. The Womanist says:

    Yaaa. It was the ok-est Potter movie I’ve seen too.. so not too bad 🙂

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