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An open letter to strange men


Dear men,

I don’t like some of your fellow kind. I must admit, a few of you men are rather nice. But a lot of you have quite a lot of un-nice qualities about you. That scares me.

Listen up un-nice men,

Just coz you shave and pretend to be stronger and rougher than us women, it doesn’t give you the right to pass pervertish comments and whistle every time a smartly dressed lady passes you. We don’t think that’s smart. We think you’re a loser. It doesn’t matter that you don’t let us get into the bus first, or push us around when you find a seat (even though a lady is closer to that vacant seat). But, don’t try to be too funny. It ain’t funny, LOSER!

Try showing a little respect to the lady will you?

Also men, just coz you sit at an AC office, signing some papers and inspecting the works of your colleagues (which we call ‘work’) does not give you the right to come home, throw your clothes aside and grumble at the food that’s on the table. Women ‘work’ too. In posh offices. With AC. And women do work too, at home. They cook and clean. Plus, they also run about paying YOUR bills or getting YOUR files when you forget them in your ‘rush’ to work.

If you not liking the food out there, cook your own food mate, or get them on your way. That way, you can live to tell the world what it was like to be a woman for a day.

To the men who think women are just fragile creatures who can’t do anything on their own – * slap * – take that.


All men who iron their shirts (every morning, not once a year when your lady is not around) – say ‘aye’
All men who prepare their own breakfast (every morning, not once a year when your lady is not around) – say ‘aye’


To all men who do nothing but complain, complain, complain – I say, STOP complaining, dude. That’s not going to take you anywhere. For once, find one nice/good thing about your lady to say and then praise, praise, praise. And by one nice/good thing, I don’t mean those lame ass sick jokes about your wife. They are old and not funny.


To all men who use women in whatever form and way and push them aside when they get nothing more – I say, well, NOTHING, because you ARE nothing. Not worthy of anything, not even the Dark Lord’s evil curses.

I don’t expect men to cook, I only expect them to treat women with the respect they deserve.


(The post is as a result of some general observation!)



  1. bad guy says:

    Aiyo nangi… you are sad. Look here bitch, women are there for THAT !. You understand THAT ? God created smarter men, realised he needed to challange them, so created evil creatures called women. Do you hear me pathetic soul ? Now shut the fuck up and get lost.

  2. The Womanist says:

    You are exactly the type of man I am talking about. You shush and get lost? 🙂

  3. Dear Womanist

    I don’t like some of your fellow kind either. There are some nice ones but a lot of you have many un-nice things about you too.

    You know one reason why there are many un-nice men out there?. Well Women in the form of mothers brain wash their children with sexist bullshit. “Hey son stop crying, it is ok for your sister to cry when she lost her doll but you are not allowed to cry because your puppy died. Be a man”. You get what i mean right? From where does men get the idea that women are different and men ought to be rough? ok there are some father idiots too but mainly it is the moms.

    you want to be treated same? Well get rid of sexist bullshit and advocate equality while practicing it yourself. I’m sure the the few of nice men will help you out.

  4. lg77 says:

    Actually I think, women have to be strong and speak and act for themselves.

    If they are being treated like s** they should do something about it. keeping quiet and taking everything as “oh, we are women, we are doomed to this ” is not the way to handle this.

    Good post Womanist…Keep writing!

  5. The Womanist says:

    Dear Liberal Lanka,
    I didn’t say women were perfect right. I admit there are some un-nice women too. I was merely putting down some general observations to do with un-nice men. I agree we need to get rid of the “sexist-bullshit”. Maybe a post on it later.
    @lg77: 🙂

  6. LOL. Loved ur post men.
    Apparently according to Jerry Rubin,

    “Most men act so tough and strong
    on the outside because on the inside,
    we are scared, weak, and fragile.
    Men, not women, are the weaker sex” >:D

    Men have periods too; they just don’t bleed.

  7. I can be an un-nice man. I admit it. Does that prevent me getting the hottest chix around, relegating the rest of u ‘nice women’ to creatures that put up posts like urs? Yes 🙂
    As long as I’m gettin top shelf punani, I’m not gonna change my ways. Why don’t u put a post to the women who still go for guys like me, regardless of the fact that I’m un-nice. Doubt they’ll listen to u though!

  8. Angel says:

    *AYE!!!* (on behalf of 3 men I know!) Good post! 🙂

  9. anthony says:

    You sound like someone who has been badly let down….Generalizing is not a good thing…..stop bitching and move on….

    • The Womanist says:

      Yes I was badly let down. But…err.. no, I’m NOT generalizing. I admit there are nice men, I’m just talking about un-nice qualities. Read the top bit? 😀

  10. ladyjustice says:

    all the men who replied to this post…ur’ll r worthless…i frankly dont know how u cld sit thr and defend ur kind…ur’ll have done nothing but make women’s life miserable…i’m not goin to bother explaining this to ur’ll cos it’s beyond ur capacity to understand..as a person who has experienced the worst the male gender has to offer..i can honestly say…i wish that men never existed…with out u the world would literally be a better place…nothing good has ever come out of ur existence….all u have done and wat u will continue to do is stand on a pedestal that u have created for ur self…u will never treat women as equals because u love the power too much and u enjoy watch another person suffer…men r the devil…i dont know what purpose u serve living on this planet…

    • anthony says:

      Here’s another one of the fairer sex who has been badly let down.
      Don’t be judgmental “ladyjustice” I’m sure there are are some good blokes out there.
      Hope you are more lucky the next time around…

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