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Ah how you doing little girl?


No one tagged me, but I saw a few open tags. Besides I’m a little bored and wanted to re-visit my past to make sense of what’s happening now.

Dear 16,

Sweet sixteen. You’ll pass your O/Ls. Ah, but that wasn’t hard at all, was it? Go ahead with the subjects your father recommends for your A/Ls. You’ll come to love them and they will pretty much shape much of your life thereafter. Mr. Darcy will be especially fascinating, so will GRC be. You’ll also discover skills you thought you never had. You’ll start writing bits and pieces – poems, stories and all that. You’ll have your own little audience in time to come, mostly made up of friends and family – the best audience ever.

Oh next year, you’ll burn half your hand (left side, between shoulder and arm). The tea pot will fall on you. The scar will remain for a long time to come, actually it’s still there. But, don’t worry it wouldn’t be as pink as it once was.

School will be fun. You’ll make new friends, laugh at a few teachers, run around, miss a few of your old buddies.

No need to worry too much about A/Ls. Study a little like you always do. That’ll be enough to get you Colombo Uni. But, dad will send you abroad. You wouldn’t like it at first (need I say that?). But go. At least you’ll learn to cook, pay your own bills and chase away the spiders without screaming about. You’ll meet some lovely people. Be close to them. Oh, do travel around. After all, it’s Shakespeare country, there’s also Pemberly, the musicals, the operas and the parties!

One thing though, you’ll want to come back. Beats me. This bn after passing so well (oh, you’ll be surprised by your result. They’ll be brilliant. Heck, and you studied? Right). But, it’s for the best I guess.

Come back, and you’ll find yourself a job. Something you’ll love to do. You’ll be writing quite a lot. Pay wont be much. But take it. It’ll teach you a lot not just about work, but also about life.

But, please, please, please don’t give up on playing the piano and violin? Remember Mozart’s Sonata in D you started playing two years ago? Keep playing it. You’ll play it later too. Go help out with the orchestra. They helped you become a better violinist right? Also, do keep playing music with your brothers and dad and cousins. Yes at first it’ll just be those piano-violin suzuki duets. But, believe me, in time to come, more instruments and voices will be added to the family band. The harmonies will work out well too, well, not quite, but keep trying. Ah, you’ll start playing your own pieces and doing your own versions. It’ll all be  SO MUCH FUN!

Oh, there’s be this book called Harry Potter that comes out. You’ll try to master those spells, but they never really work. Ah and that Thorpe, the swimmer, BSB, the band, William, the prince, Frank, the guy in French Class… in a few years you’ll be scratching your head trying to remember those fellas. But dream men, it’s good.

All in all, you’ll lead a jolly good life… and then comes the boy, alas, alas. (Oh that last bit of this sentence, you’ll pick it up after you meet this darling old lady) When you’re around 23/24, you’ll experience love and pain like you’ve never known. You’ll know what it’s like to be loved, truly and deeply, but you’ll also know how much love can hurt. Believe me, just forget it. Be brave enough to let him ago. That, by the way, will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Move on, after all, wasn’t it you who ended things first? You have a whole lot of faults yourself. Correct them first. Why go behind him wanting to be his friend? You mean NOTHING to him, okay? But, cherish 2008. Forget the first half of 2009.

But, in this process of finding love, you’ll learn one more thing. Remember those first friends you made when you switched schools when you were 13? Well, they’ll be the ones who’ll stand by you through thick and thin. Stick close to them. You’ll also realize that there’re people to whom you actually mean the whole world.

You’ll lose three people you love. When Buchchi calls you to congratulate you on your Uni results, treat it like your last conversation with her. She’ll cry, she’ll tell you those are happy tears. You know what to do then. You’ll miss her. Remember the last time snoopy runs away with your pretty little band and teddy bear. Oh, did I forget to tell you, you get a dog, he’ll turn out to be the cutest thing ever. But, you’ll miss running behind him. Lastly, He. Like I said earlier, don’t even try to be his friend. There’ll come a point in time when he completely pushes you away. He’ll love others. It’ll hurt like hell. He’ll never see you as a friend, even after everything you’ve been through. Forget it. It’s best that way.

You’ll find a new job. It’ll be good. But, it’ll be busy. You’ll learn not to be too lazy there. You’ll have to work your butt off.

And in time to come, with those lovely ladies and your little brothers, cousins and family, you’ll go back to the jolly good life.

Don’t be too shy. Talk a little with people. Go dance. You’ll dream a lot. That’s ok. One piece of advice – you’re not the rebellious type. Yes, you’ll be up to a few ‘ahem’ things, but your never overly rebellious. So don’t try to be that. Just be who you are.

One last thing to say, you are one lucky lady.

So, just live the way you always lived. Don’t change. Just try to grow up a little, that’s all.

Lotsa luv,

From the bigger you.

Ps – you’ll go for a new hairstyle.. hmmm.. And you’ll grow a little fatter. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! 😛

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  1. Chavie says:

    awww!!! 🙂 This was one of the best 16 letters I read… loved it! 😀

  2. Awww.. Should have tagged u instead of a 15 year old drat. Bwaah evol me. >=P
    Naice. U can play the violin?????? Teach me. 😛

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