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You cannot strike us


“You speak of freedom of expression, you speak of human rights. But, what of the common man? We are screaming in pain. Can you hear us? Do you care? No. All you care about is yourselves.

You want us to keep quiet, not fight. Why? Because that way, you can sit on that seat, feeding off the very man you claim to care about and protect – the very man who entrusted in you trust and hope. Yet, you abuse this power. How pathetic and unacceptable is that? Wait, we’re not supposed to see it that way, are we? We’ve got to ignore the evil that lies behind your smiling faces. But, for how long?

We’ve made our mistakes, we’ve paid the price. I don’t agree with everything everyone says. But let us speak in general.

Injustice screams, wanting everyone to hear.

Our food is running out. This land is turning a bloody red.

You can strike all the deals you want. But you cannot strike us. We will fight you.”



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  2. Chavie says:

    we won’t fight… let’s face it… 😦

  3. anthony says:

    To hell with those plunderers, guess now its each one for himself and God for us all.

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