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When someone tells you that it’s just impossible to do something, are you supposed to pack up and leave, or stay back and fight on giving your best shot?

Well, the brave would stay, right?

But this ‘impossible’ task is not something I can do on my own. It involves another person too. But to that person, it’s just impossible, it’s something not worth pursuing, it’s something that that person would frankly not want to pursue, it’s not gonna take us anywhere. I can’t clap with one hand, can I?

According to that person it’s best that the impossible task remains impossible, although in my opinion it’s quite a possible task. It bn portrayed as impossible is just killing me.

Oh well…


In other random thoughts –

Watching cricket with old ladies is quite interesting I must say. At least it gets me out of these crappy moods. These old ladies, they are so up-to-date. Apart from the complex technical details of the game, they know everything – the next batsmen, how long he’ll last, the latest goss surrounding him, what bowler is best for the last over, the way to win the game.

PS – I seriously hope Zaheer Kahn’s house won’t be burnt down 🙂



  1. Man! I hear u. & I feel u. This is something I need to say out loud to someone buh I guess it wouldnt go in.

    “, although in my opinion it’s quite a possible task” Uh huh! True.

  2. Chavie says:

    HAHAHA Zaheer our matchwinner!!! 😀 That was one exciting game eh? 😉 And I know what you mean about old ladies and their knowledge! I wonder what they said when Dilshan and Tharanga opened? 😉 😉 😉 lmao 😀

    Is this impossible task something big, like -err- changing the way this country is heading or something? In that case I’d say it’s impossible and it’s time to leave! lol 😉

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