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Sour love


They were once the perfect lovers,
Stealing hearts, whispering to each other,
And deep into the night, they hatched their plans,
Wild and dreamy, their love was grand,

Smiles adorned their lips bright red,
What lay beneath them, their foes would dread,
Gallantly they rode forward, amidst critique and advice,
Of the rich, the powerful, the self-proclaimed wise,

Their goal was clear, it was a match made in heaven,
They were to kiss goodnight, the wide-eyed devil,

Promises made, men deceived,
Squabbles concealed, a marriage sealed,
Secrets buried, deep in the blackened sand,
While with each loud bang, the innocent ran,

Clad in white material un-creased,
Camouflaged jackets withered in making peace,
And while families were being ripped apart,
The pair stood strong,

Alas, their love was not to last,

After months of seemingly satisfactory courting,
With the arrival of new players and new offerings,
The lovers parted their ways,
For the better, for the ways, tell us, pray,

Bursts of hatred, nasty remarks,
At each other, they barked,
Broken hearted? Not,
Power, they sought,

It was greed and love for self that they craved,
Love for another, love for the other – in that, they failed.



  1. Ahamed Nizar says:

    Beautiful. And sad. But Beautiful nonetheless.

  2. Chavie says:

    woooow! 😯

    that was absolutely brilliant!!! 😀

  3. Niroshinie says:

    Is this about two lovers or our top presidential candidates? 😛

  4. casper says:

    Superb!!!!! the lovers are now at war over something beginning with a big time capital P….

    Keep it up

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