A hero…


(Just a few thoughts on last night’s arrest)

Fonseka could have lived a hero. He still is very much a hero in my eyes and he will always be. But, to some people he’s become nothing more than a traitor, and this label sucks.

There are different opinions on his arrest. At least, that’s what I hear.

View 1 – He served his country, yes. He was brave, he was strong. Did something no one ever did. But, he didn’t stop there. He wanted to serve his country even more. So he opted to fight corruption, restore democracy and all that. But, in the process, got entangled in this already corrupt political culture and the very things he claim to fight, has taken its toll on him. And now, we say, this guy – who came forward to restore democracy – has been silenced. Will those who cried out for him, rally behind him now?

View 2 – He served his country, true that. But he was hungry for more. He wasn’t satisfied  as CDS and all that. But wanted more power, wanted revenge. He played it dirty. He was too selfish. Too ambitious. Didn’t want to share. Didn’t like to be second. Didn’t want to lose. And in this respect, some might say that he asked for this.

What is law, what is justice, what is democracy – I really don’t know anymore. Can we tolerate this kind of thing? For how long are we to live with it? What happens next?

Whatever it is, all I can say is that it is a sad situation, it’s a sad day for us all. It’s sad to see this guy who did so much for the country been treated like this. He has his faults, he’s not wholly good. But, it’s just sad. Sad and bad. Bad for the country, bad for the future.

Oh, and one other thing – this arrest would be the perfect opportunity for the international community, who just seem to be waiting for some sort of disaster to take place here, to poke their noses in our affairs yet again.



  1. Chavie says:

    Yes, true that! If he did something wrong, then fine, arrest him. But arresting him for ‘revealing state secrets’??? wtf?! These guys are basically admitting that the ‘Gota ordered them to be shot’ thing really happened! And coup attempt? With just 20 ex-army people? Yeah right! This sucks! 😦

    • The Womanist says:

      I think they’re arresting him to be on the safe side – you know, like before he reveals any more secrets, perhaps… :S The coup story was there for some time, though, I think. But, yeah, it sucks, big time.

  2. Rooj says:

    Fonseka is a tosspot with no class.

    Calling people kalavedda, pissu ballo, gorilla

    Inviting war crime investigations on SL

    Abusing women

    He’s a retard.

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