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Ah, Tom and Jerry (a few concerns)

I was bored and was flipping through channels, as usual. The only thing appealing was Cartoon Network and on it was Tom and Jerry.

But, that cartoon is not funny. It’s disturbing. Extremely disturbing.

Why is Tom always the bad guy, the loser, the failure? Why does Tom always get the blame? And why are all the other characters always against Tom and ever ready to chase behind the silly cat?

I think it gets annoying after a while. Even ‘bad’ needs to be equally distributed, right? C’mon, one person can’t be that much of a failure all the time. It’s not fair. He needs to be given a chance to prove himself. Poor fella. They need to win at least once! Is he ever given a chance to ‘win’? I don’t think Tom’s a fool.

Alas, whoever said life’s fair?

What ‘good’ does Jerry ever do,anyway? But the little mouse always comes out as the ‘winner’. Jerry’s clever, smart, he uses his brains, he thinks on his feet and is quite lucky. I tell you, that little piece seems to have all the luck in the world. What, even the dog takes his side.

Wait a minute. In a sense, the cartoon is funny. There’s a fine message in there. Small guys matter. They may be small in size, but they are big where it matters. Big guys, on the other hand, can be powerless at times. Size is not everything. And if you’ve got all the luck in the world, you can just kick the big guy out, at least on the TV screen.

I feel for Tom. But I tell you, some day, Jerry’s gonna fail, Jerry’s gonna get his butt kicked. Let there be justice!



  1. Chavie says:

    Jerry’s gonna fail, Jerry’s gonna get his butt kicked.”

    😀 😉

  2. Niroshinie says:

    I know! I’ve always been a secret Tom sympathizer. Never dared to come out of the closet until now 😀 I mean sheesh think of the number of times Toms been bulldozed/saucepan headed/bombed/kicked/pancaked/ etc etc by Jerry…No wonder Tom has issues!

  3. Dee says:

    i luv when they become friends 😀 though the older toons have a lot of controversies and are edited to show on today’s tv. issues like generalizing, violence and racism.


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