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Carved in stone, not in their hearts


Often, I pass these four virtues, as mentioned in Buddhism – Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudditha (joy/being happy for others without envy) and Uppekha (equanimity). They are carved on to stone blocks, which stand at the Roundabout near Bauddhaloka Mawatha. And most of the time, I just wonder, why they are even there.

In a country where the majority of the people are Buddhists and any action against Buddhism is vehemently opposed (although certain disrespectful acts committed by the very protectors of this religion tend to go unnoticed), one would think that the four virtues will provide some sort of guidance in creating a peaceful society.

Well, I go online and here’s a bit of what I see:

A three wheel driver who drugged a passenger and robbed him has been arrested. Seriously, how do they do this? Drug him, rob him? That’s two counts! Or, is he so poor that he need to rob him to feed his young ones?
Minister’s back-up vehicle kills a lecturer. Don’t they look around them at all, now? Are they in such a big hurry, what for? Oh, wait a minute, it’s probably the lecture’s fault for not seeing the vehicle.
UPFA supporters clash. 11 injured. And all for love. How sweet. Of course, a different kind of love – love for self, power. It’s not everyone who is going to win. So you’ve got to work hard to make your man win. It’s not about working together as a team or working in the best interest of the people orcountry, but rather, working towards your best interest!
Pre-election violence on the rise. When all they care about is themselves, this is not unexpected.
Neglected patients at the Psychiatric hospitals. A group of people who are forgotten and someday they will be labelled something.
A woman who converted to Islam from Buddhism is being investigation for possible links with Islamic extremists. Is it really so? But, where is this right to freedom of religion, that’s said in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Then, there’s the mighty General fighting for freedom. No compassion, no loving kindness.
And the mothers who throw away their babies. Who do we blame? The mother, the baby, or the society? The baby is too young and the mother brought him to life. So not he. The mother? That’s easy to blame her. She shows no love, she shows no moral responsibility. She’s bad. She’s a failed mother. Is she truly? She cited poverty, she cited her husband abandoning her. She said she had no choice. This was just one incident. How many other women are there – women, the main contributors towards the country’s economy. So, where does that leave us?

Violence, everywhere.

Would these people, just make even the slightest effort to go by these four principles or virtues, life would be a whole lot different. But, these virtues are just carved on stone, not in their hearts or minds.



  1. Dee says:

    how true 😦 hypocrite Sri Lankans.

  2. Chavie says:

    good post… people in this country talk big about this ‘dharmarajya’ and then go and do something plain inhumane to prove it! 😐

  3. Sam says:

    Pretty interesting how you assume that everyone in the stories you mention are Buddhist.

    And here I thought Sri Lanka was a “multireligious” and “multiethnic country”

    Keep going with the hate mongering.

    • The Womanist says:

      Sri Lanka is a ‘multireligious’ and ‘multiethnic’ country. I was actually referring to Buddhists in particular – the hypocrisy. It’s really sad to see, how so-called Buddhists cry out about certain acts, like the whole Akon issue for example, but go pelting stones, or go beat up someone over something…and that’s ok. And yes, the majority of UPFA supporters are Buddhists and those who wanted Fonseka behind bars are Buddhists!

      • Sam says:

        You’re just a hate monger trying to blame Buddhists for everything. Are you saying that there are no Buddhists who support Fonseka? No Buddhists in the UNP? What a laugh. Bigots like you are the reason Sri Lanka is in a mess. When you stop trying to find a scapegoat and climb down from your ivory tower the world will be a better place.

  4. The Womanist says:

    Errr.. no, I don’t recall saying no Buddhists support Fonseka, or there are no Buddhists in the UNP. I’m just talking about certain acts committed by certain Buddhists, which go against the very principles

    • Sam says:


      “A three wheel driver who drugged a passenger and robbed him has been arrested. ”

      How do you know the three wheel driver is a Buddhist?


      “UPFA supporters clash. 11 injured.”

      There couldn’t have possibly been any non-Buddhists there?


      “Pre-election violence on the rise. ”

      And you know that all of it is committed only by Buddhists exactly how?


      “- Neglected patients at the Psychiatric hospitals.”

      Only Buddhists are ignoring them? I guess Hindus, Muslims and Christians are falling over each other to help them


      “And the mothers who throw away their babies. ”

      Only Buddhists would do that right? And only Buddhists have abortions in Sri Lanka.

      I suggest you look up the word ‘bigot’ and reflect on that. Because that’s what you are looking like at the moment.

      You preach to others about metta and karuna and upekkha and act all outraged…. but if only if these qualities were written in YOUR heart..

      Why not practice what you preach before pointing fingers at others.

  5. The Womanist says:

    alrighti 😀

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