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The rise


He rises from the Eastern sky,
The famed Prince of Day,
And stands where none can reach him high,
Guiding back the fisherfolk who set out to sail,

Creeping in through the sleepy clouds,
Lifting the darkened veil of the night
Under which lies the secrets and doubts
Committed in a hasty flight,
He rises like a new born,
Unsure of the occurrings of the day,
That lies ahead as he grows strong,
Guiding men and factories along the way,

As his charming smile bears down on the frills of this earth,
By choice or by force, yet without protest,
Signaling continuing troubles, his arms embracing new worth,
Spreading new love, new hope among the earth’s folk,
For better, for worse, until he travels home to the West.

Photo captions: Sunrise at Arugam Bay



  1. lostworld says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful captures! keep it up 🙂

  2. Chavie says:

    Really beautiful photos! 🙂

    But nothing can describe the feeling of standing there with the lilac sky above you and watching the sun rise, can it? 😀

  3. The Womanist says:

    Thannnks Chavie.. yes, nothing can describe that feeling!

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