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Some thoughts on wrestling

What’s so entertaining about wrestling or WWF or whatever it’s called? What’s possibly fascinating about watching two people pounce on each other like two hungry animals? I find it boring, actually and disturbing.
Yes, I know nothing about this ‘sport’.
Seriously, what’s the mentality of these people like? Oh, they’re professionals, trained to do that, it’s a job, just like an accountant’s, a doctors, or a journalist’s.
But is it even for real?
Or just some gimmick? Some showdown?
I was encouraged to ‘watch and learn’. Was told, I would be able to gather some tips in case some scary maniac attacked me on the streets. I think I will settle for pepper spray. I don’t fancy risking my limbs, not to mention, I’m slow at moving.
So this game… one was called Misterioso (or something like that… I couldn’t hear properly). The other was called, err… I don’t remember. So I’ll call him L for Loser.
So Misterioso struggles his way through. L throws him around, lifts him in the air, dangles him by his ears, pushes him towards the ring fence and punches him, hard, everywhere, till he falls and lie still without moving an inch. Can he even walk? Wouldn’t that man’s rib cage damage or whatever?
All drama, I tell you.
But, then comes the twist.
Misterioso rises from half-dead. He comes out of nowhere, gets hold of L, puts him on the ground and…. MISTERIOSO WINS!!! L is at a loss for words. So am I, but that’s more along the lines of cluelessness. I’m left wondering HOW he won, until, I’m reminded by avid viewers that the winner had his opponent’s both shoulders fully flat on the ground for more than 3 seconds. Great, I know one thing about wrestling now.
But the drama isn’t over.
A referee comes with handcuffs.
They are wrapped around the hands of L, the beaten guy. And now, Misterioso grabs the chance. Cleverly, he locks the handcuffs on to the ring fence, and L can’t move.
But, this is not all either.
Misteriosos proceeds to shave off L’s long hair, while the latter screams and pleads LIVE on TV. Mind you, this is probably watched by millions. Apparently this is to do with some bet. And after a quick Google search, I realize this sort of ‘cutting-off-the-loser’s-hair’ is common in this ‘sport’.
Oh, after this, there’s a commercial, that reminds viewers that these are performed by professionals and NOT to try these at home.
Double joy.
Anyway, changed the channel to tennis. Watching Henin was far more inspiring.
Now that’s true joy.


  1. Chavie says:

    I hate WWE too… but I do understand that a lot of men have an urge to watch violent stuff. 😐

  2. GGPurple says:

    i think its all staged. i mean how is it possible for a man to live after being whacked and beaten by chairs, barbed wires and tables AND ladders??

  3. The Womanist says:

    Beats me :S

  4. Benton Silva says:

    i think its all staged. i mean how is it possible for a man to live after being whacked and beaten by chairs, barbed wires and tables AND ladders??

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