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Just a thought


How is that some people fall in love so easily with someone, and then, just as easily, fall out of love, and push them away like they mean nothing to you?

Well, say that’s okay. But then, how is it that they move on to love someone else, just as easily? For instance, they stop loving one person and within a space of a few days they love another, and the first person is ‘yuck-yuck-nothing-but-yuck-yuck’.

Love is funny. I thought when you love someone, it’s hard to get over them. But, apparently for some people it’s not. It’s perhaps the easiest thing to do. They forget the ones they ‘loved’… so fast, so soon. Oh, just let me add, when they are supposedly in love they say those sacred words, ‘I will love you forever’. Blaa blaa.

NVM… It’s been a while anyway. I’m only thinking out loud.



  1. Chavie says:

    Well, different people have different ‘getting over’ periods I guess. I get over stuff within a month max, but then again, I’ve never really been in love. 😉

  2. Niroshinie says:

    maybe they never were in love – just .. oh i dont know – in lust ? or maybe they are in love with the idea of love – not with the person.

  3. The Womanist says:

    @Chavie: But, how can they fall out of love so soon, and move on to love another person just as soon? Isn’t love supposed to last a little longer?
    @Niroshinie: Yeah, that’s possible, I guess

  4. Casper says:

    Why bother:)

  5. The Womanist says:

    I know… but, I don’t know aneyyy :S 😦

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