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An observation of The Green


Patches of green, dull and dusty, lay out in no orderly fashion along the hardened earth,
Stretching for miles, inviting the folk to experience its freedom,
With seemingly no boundaries around it, I walk towards The Green, smelling liberty.

Or was it so?

I looked around me,

The Green was for all, for those longing for some freedom, for exercise, for a joyous evening, for seclusion – it did not discriminate,
The mother, the father, the child – danced gleefully in the waters,
While the lovers hid behind their umbrellas, and the monks sat obediently on the cement bench,
And the vendor chanted his seller’s prayer into the ears of the passers by
Some of who pulled out ironed notes, while others walked with a courteous nod

The colours were bright and a mix of green and pink floss, yellow candy,
The orange of the spicy bite,
The grey of the sky, the dull-ed blue of the ocean, mixed with white,

The sounds consisted of chatter and laughter,
Of the beating wind and chop of the food against the steel,
The whistle of the rowdy wanting a laugh,
The mourn of the child wanting a bath,
Only to be met by his mother’s stern gaze,

Kites – of shapes and sizes – hovered above them all, seemingly free of the world’s troubles,
Clutching on to their master who had control of the string,
For without it, no longer would the kite be king,

There is freedom to move, freedom to fly, they all seem to say,

Yet, the more I looked
The more I saw the dark truth
That stretched out before me
Moving closer like the distant horizon
That seemed so far only a moment ago,
Growing bigger, in contrast to the Prince of Day who shut his eyes welcoming night

To the West, the waves splashed hard against the shore,
Resembling the jaws of an angry creature, rising hard threatening to swallow the innocent soul,
To the back, the city’s businesses towered over the mother, the father, the vendor, the lover, the monk and the child,
Their glaring eyes moving with them, watching their movement, dictating their every move,
To the other side, the made-up man and powdered lady entered through rich high doors as they prepared for an evening of wine and song,
While the last getaway was blocked for someone to pass,

And the Green stood quietly, snuggled between them all.


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