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Being “uneducated”


I’m uneducated, so I was told. And that’s because I get annoyed when another expresses their opinion (over something I say or do) that is different and goes against what I think, do or say, especially if they are harsh and right.

Here’s the scenario.

There was an old gift voucher, which we recently found after it remained hidden away under stacks of books and clothes for a good three years. It didn’t have an expiry date. But see, I’m rather timid when it comes to certain things and what I simply told Educated Individual 1 was that if, after taking the voucher to the shopkeeper and they say it cannot be used then I would not bother to ask question. Educated individual 1 replied by saying she will then if I was too timid, she will then do the necessary.

In came Educated Individual 2 (mind you, EI2 was nowhere in the conversation up until that point, but happened to hear me) and questioned me, rather bluntly and rudely if I would really turn back and walk off if the shopkeeper said the voucher can’t be used, because, someone else had already paid for the voucher and obviously, no matter how old it is, and especially if it didn’t have an expiry date, then it could still be used. Damn. Why couldn’t I think of something like that?

Nevermind that. But, I was a little taken aback with this rather rude nature of EI2 and my uneducated silly response to him was a polite, ‘can’t you just wait without adding your two cents in, even without knowing what exactly I was telling to EI1?’

Thus, I got annoyed when the other expressed their opinion, different from mine and challenging mine. And quoting this reason they said I am uneducated. It didn’t matter what degree I had, I am just not good at listening to another’s opinion.

I told them what I think. So that’s wrong eh? It wouldn’t mean that that person (in this case EI2) got annoyed when I told him what I thought of what he said?

It’s funny you know, because these very same people tell me I listen waaaaaaayyy tooo much to what others think and say and can never make my own decision. They always tell me it’s time I decided things for myself. It’s not only them, a whole lot of people always tell me I’ve got to make my own decision and that I often bow down to other people’s opinions.

And then again, some people tell me, I am educated enough to be entrusted with certain duties – duties that people who are not as capable as me would not be able to do. These duties are hard. They require a lot of thinking, analysing, listening (to different people and their opinions, some of which are extremely harsh and unfair), not getting annoyed over the slightest thing and a lot of hard work. So, to an extent, I guess I am educated.

So, what is education anyway?  We know it’s not just what you learn at school, at university, through books etc etc. Education involves the practical stuff, knowing what’s good and bad, right and wong, team work, treating people right and blah blah. The list is endless.

I admit. I’m at times silly, I behave like a kid. I don’t know what to do when faced with certain situations.

But, I’ll tell you this. I listen to other people’s opinions, however mean they may be. Yes, I get annoyed at times, over certain opinions and certain people. Some are just so unfair. And then, I respond. I say what I think. After all, mine is a different opinion too and I can also freely express what I think. And that’s what I did today, well, that’s what I think I did.

Oh well. That’s the uneducated me.



  1. Chavie says:

    Well, if EI2 couldn’t get the point across without being all aggressive on you, then they really need to think about how educated they are. 🙂

    For what it’s worth, I think you’re brilliant. 🙂

  2. ggpurple says:

    the kid in us still lives

    and adults are just kids with money. 😛

  3. Seesaw says:

    Education doesn’t really matter. It’s what you do with it that does. Intelligence is way too understated in my opinion- some educated ppl are still idiots.

    not you of course 🙂 I get pissed off when ppl disagree with me sometimes too!

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