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Oh that famed lady…


I met this famed lady, a ‘celebrity’ of sorts,
Self-proclaimed though, and her status has gotten into her head,
She expects ordinary folk to know her when they meet her,
Rally behind her, flashing their cameras,
And not… for goodness sake, ask for her name,

That to her, was sign of folly,

But, me being me,
Thought she was familiar,
But, couldn’t quite place who this lady would be,

She’s into fashion you see, she comments on it, really, that’s her celebrity status,
Her face – wrinkled, and not at all pretty,
In fact, it looked a little wicked to me,

So for duty’s sake,
I asked for her name,
And oh, what a foolish move it was,

She replied, in all her mighty b-ness,
“If you don’t know me darling, you shouldn’t be here’


For her to say so?
Or for me to not know?

It didn’t stop at that,
She told about it to her gang
Who kept glaring at me,
As if I had committed the biggest offence,

Oh… the shame, the pain!

I’m just ashamed that I walked away and not asked her, ‘But, really, what is your name?’
That would have surely made her go insane,



  1. Chavie says:

    You should’ve! 😀

  2. cf says:

    ahh now i’m curious to know who it was. you totally should have..

  3. The Womanist says:

    Guess guess who the person was 😛

  4. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog… 34

  5. Not really that funny…

    While I was perusing the story, a heron just tried to mate with my pet chicken!…

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