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The elusive one: It just ends like that (no climax)


Continued from here.

Tomorrow came,
She kept watching his window.
Moments passed by.
She waited.
An hour…
Three days…
A year.

And then,

He was gone
Just like he had come.

No one saw him go, just like no one saw him come.

She replayed the conversations between them, all of which had taken place in her head, clinging on to each strand of hope.

Alas, she knew she wouldn’t see him again.

He had gone off… they said… looking for greener pastures.

All the time she’d strained her neck, fought suspicion and broken sleep to catch a glimpse of him, the assumptions she’s arrived at, the tips on approaching him… well, she can laugh about them later 🙂



  1. prasadini says:


  2. let me not talk about the lost sleep! :p

  3. exactly my point! you have mentioned about broken sleep…. you broken sleep?? 😛 whom are we kidding girl??? 😛 😛

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