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When the war ended in May 2009, I had some hope. Here was an opportunity for Sri Lanka – for its regime and its people – to make things right again. But, alas!

I feel that same hope today. An opportunity once again – and I dare say, perhaps for the last time – to make things right. This wouldn’t happen overnight and what it also requires is honesty, loyalty, dedication, respect and so much more like that. But as much as it is the new Government’s task to bring about this change, it is also that of the people, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims alike. Change is needed at all levels, from attitudes to action. There are no short-cuts to change. Arrogance and power-hunger, can do more harm than good. Here’s to the long, hard, gruelling journey ahead of us. A joruney, I hope, is filled with change for the better, for this tiny island of miracles!


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